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    high-precision torque sensor detects torque, encoders measure the rotation angle, liquid crystal display test results. The torsion testing machine has a simple structure, easy operation, low price and so on. Used to determine the material torque, maximum torque, angle and so the reverse indicator. Fine control of its powerful control, data processing capability, high reliability, the test machine using other processors can not match.

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    ISO 7800 Metallic materials — Wire — Simple torsion test
    ISO 9649 Metallic materials — Wire — Reverse torsion test.
    ASTM A938 
    Standard Test Method for Torsion Testing of Wire
    GB/T 239.1,  GB/T 239.2 Metallic materials — Wire – torsion test.

    Steel Wire Simple Torsion Testing Machine


    The Electronic Wire Torsion Testing Machine is mainly used to test the anti-plastics deformation for metal wire with the size of φ0.3-φ1mm, φ1-φ3mm, φ1.4-φ4.5mm,φ3-φ10mm, etc in positive and negative direction. It is mainly applied in the filed of scientific research departments, industrial and mining enterprises and institutions to determine the mechanical laboratory torsion properties of materials, particularly suitable for production line testing and purchase inspection. The tester have 2-3 kinds of rotation speed to choose from, such as 30,60,90,120,180,300 /min, through the belt pulley adjustment with the clamp wire length 300-100mm, 500 – 300mm; with a pulley driven weights and axial force, liquid crystal display test results



    Model EZ-1 EZ-3 EZ-4.5 EZ-10
    Wire diameter range φ0.3-φ1mm φ1-φ3mm φ1.4-φ4.5mm φ3-φ10mm
    Mobile guide full parallelism within <0.2mm <0.2mm <0.2mm <0.2mm
    Maximum distance of two chuck 100-300mm 100-300mm 100-300mm 300-500mm
    Rotation speed 60、180、300r/min 60、90、120r/min 60、90、120r/min 30、60r/min
    Jaw stiffness 55~65 HRC 55~65 HRC 55~65 HRC 55~65 HRC
    Weight tolerance ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
    Testing machine operating noise <70 dB <70 dB <70 dB <70 dB
    Operating Voltage AC,380V,50HZ AC,380V,50HZ AC,380V,50HZ AC,380V,50HZ

    Fine control of its powerful control, data processing capability, high reliability

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