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  • 100 Ton Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine With Four Columns For Bolt Screw Tensile Shearing Shearing Test

    servo hydraulic universal testing machine
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    Brief Introduction of Screw Tensile Strength Testing Machine
    WAW -1000 Series Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine,This type machine is suitable for metal sheet,bar,screw and other products mechanical properties test .The relative tension fixture can be used to complete the tensile test of steel pipe,fastener, electronic power fittings, anchor,stand, chain and the other products .The Relative compression fixture can be used to complete the compresion test of cement,concrete,stone,block, hollow brick, spring and other products. The relative bending fixture can be used to complete the bending test of metal sheet ,bolt sheet performance test and so on.

    Load Frame of Screw Tensile Strength Testing Machine:

    The oil cylinder is at the bottom of the load frame. Tension space is at the upside and compression & bending spaces are between lower crosshead and working table. It is adopting oil hydraulic power to push the piston in the oil cylinder to provide loading force. The lower crosshead is driven by motor through decelerator, chain transmission device and screw pair to realize the adjustment of testing space.
    Standards: ISO75001, ASTM A370, ASTM E4, ASTM E8, BSEN, EN10002-2, ISO6892, BS4449:1998 and other international standards.

    Measuring System of Screw Tensile Strength Testing Machine:
    The machine adopts oil pressure transducer to measure load and use photoelectric encoder to measure the displacement. The loading force display on computer
    1> Full computer controlled of testing process.
    2> Overload protection will secure operators
    3> Adopt oil-hydraulic automatic clamps which can be operated from separate control box
    4> Programmable testing software makes LCF testing or cyclic testing become available
    Wedge tension jaw processed by advanced technology; increase the stiffness of crosshead under high load and high intensity test.
    5> Powerful multifunctional control software will provide more testing methods to meet ASTM, ISO and other testing standards.
    6> Report guide will create your testing report in only three steps

    Max. capacity (KN)
    Relative error of reading
    Clamping method
    Hydraulic Power
    Max. tension test space (mm)
    Max. Compression test space (mm)
    Round specimen clamping range(mm):
    Φ13~Φ26 Φ26~Φ40 Φ40~Φ60
    flat specimen clamping thickness(mm):
    Flat specimen clamping width(mm):
    Column net distance (mm)
    Power supply (KW)
    380V 50HZ
    Span of bending roller (mm)
    Width of bending roller (mm)
    Diameter of bending roller (mm)
    Compression platen size (mm)
    Max. piston stroke (mm)
    Piston max. speed (mm/min)

    1.Easy to control and friendly interface
    Windows based interface, easy and fast to reach different functions, suitable for most of operators using habits.
    2.Full digital display and computer control
    3.Adopt special testing machine Controller, fast response and reliable to parameter gathering. Realize the digital adjustment and zeroing of LOAD, DEFORM and DISPLACEMENT as well as PID parameter adjusting.
    4.Manual or program control of test process
    The software provides multi functional control mode: Load (stress) control; Displacement (Stroke) control, Strain (Deformation) control, Load keeping, Displacement keeping, Customized programming control ect.
    In stroke control mode, operator can define customized test speed to conform to different test standard. Preset limit position and return position will secure the safety and return the crosshead automatically after test finished. In program control mode, the testing machine is controlled by conditional programs, operator can input each condition to regulate test process, and software can realize constant parameter control through this function.
    5.Multilevel authorization access
    The software regulated different access level to protect machine calibration parameters. Reliable to secure the information safety and easy for software maintenance

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