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    high-precision torque sensor detects torque, encoders measure the rotation angle, liquid crystal display test results. The torsion testing machine has a simple structure, easy operation, low price and so on. Used to determine the material torque, maximum torque, angle and so the reverse indicator. Fine control of its powerful control, data processing capability, high reliability, the test machine using other processors can not match.

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    torsion testing machines suppliers


    This mechanical torsion testing machine is designed for torsion test to metal materials, non-metallic materials, composite materials and components as National and global standards “metal at room temperature torsion test method”. It is widely used in the field of quality control; metallurgical steel; machinery manufacturing; civil aviation; institutions of higher learning; research laboratories; inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments; building materials ceramic; petrochemical industry; other industries Mechanics Laboratory.

    Maintorsion testing machine specifications

    Item NJS-30 NJS-50 NJS-100 NJS-200
    Max torque(Nm) 30 50 100 200
    Torque accuracy ≤±1%
    Torque resolution (Nm) 0.01 0.01 0.1 0.1
    Accurate measuring range of torsion (Nm) 0.6-30 1-50 2-100 4-200
    Full-scale reading of torsion angle (º) 9999.9
    Torsion angle resolution (º)


    Relative error of torsion indication ≤±1%
    Relative error of torsion indication repeatability  ≤±1%
    Sample diameter(mm) ≤10
    Max axial test space (mm) 0-260 (Test space can be extended for special order)
    Operating voltage (V) AC220V±10%

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    Fine control of its powerful control, data processing capability, high reliability

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