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    electronic universal testing machine

    electronic universal testing machine photo .

    electronic universal testing machine are designed and manufactured according to ASTM, ISO, DIN, GB etc standards. It is suitable for wide range of material for tension, compression, bending, shearing and low cycle test. With special grips, it can also do very special test as customer’s request. It is for metal, rubber, plastic, spring, textile, and components testing. This machine is servo control mode and the computer with strong function software does data processing and issues the test reports. The software based on Windows system is able to make automatic calculating of test results, i.e. tensile strength; upper / lower yield strength, Non proportional stress point etc. Report creation function makes it is very simple to make testing report in needed format. It is necessary inspect device in the filed of steel and iron factory, the laboratories of scientific research institutes, infrastructure construction organs, machinery plants and education for research and teaching , etc.

    Model WDW-300 WDW-200 WDW-100 WDW-50 WDW-20 WDW-10
    Max. Load 300KN 200KN 100KN 50KN 20KN 10KN
    Load accuracy ≤±1%
    Load range 2%-100% of full scale
    Test speed 0.01-250mm/min 0.01-500mm/min 0.01-500mm/min
    Speed accuracy ≤±1%
    Displacement resolution 0.01mm
    Effective test width 570mm 400mm 400mm
    Effective tensile space 600mm 600
    Effective compression space 700mm 700mm
    Dimension 1130×650×2650mm 830×550×2000mm 760×500×1750mm
    Power supply 380V, 3ph, 4/3KW 220V, 1ph, 1.5KW 220V, 1ph, 1KW
    Weight 1800KG 720KG 460KG
    Grips Wedge type, plate type and other grips as consumer’s demand
    Load frame type Table type

    grips as consumer’s demand.

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