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    The machine adopts the electromagnetic absorption and release the impact hammer with pierced cone, let it be free fall, fall down for impact and puncture test.

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    helmet testing equipment from china

    Model ZM-811 helmet impact tester


    This machine is used to do impact test and puncture test for safety according to the latest national standard GB/T 2812-2006 “helmet test method” and it is widely used in special labor protective equipment supervision and inspection station, Institute of building science, construction engineering testing station, the electricity sector and the helmet manufacturer, etc.


    1. Impact drop hammer: Hammer Quality: 5-5.01kG; Hammer is hemispherical wit radius diameter 48mm, 45# steel.
    2. Puncture cone: Cone uality:3-3.05kG; Cone angle is 60 °, tip diameter 1mm, length 40mm, diameter 28mm, hardness HRC45.
    3. Drop height: 1000mm, Drop height can be adjusted.

    4. Load measuring system: Dynamic load sensor, measuring range 0-20KN, frequency is larger than5kHz, Load accuracy: ± 2% full scale, load resolution: 1N

    5. Equipped with 1#, 2# Al-Si alloy test mode 1 (as GB/t 2812-2006 provisions in Appendix A)

    6. Electromagnetic release point can be adjusted according to the needs around.

    7. Load frame: Automatic suction control by electromagnet suspension and release of puncture impact hammer, Puncture cone.
    8. Base: Strong anti-Impact structure to guarantee installation of load sensor

    9. Pucture alarm device: When the puncture cone contact head mode, the device will prompt a siren alarm and flashing lights
    10. LED digital display: Accurate to 1N, automatically save the large value

    Applied Standard:

    GB/T 2812-2006 ‘The helmet test methods’

    GB/T 2811-2007 ‘Safety helmet’

    helmet testing video

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