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  • 500KN Microcomputer Control Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine

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    This product complies with the standards and requirements of GB/T 10120-1996, ASTM E328-2008.

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    500KN Microcomputer Control Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine/stress relaxation tester


    • The microchip controlled tensile stress relaxation testing machine is mainly designed to inspect the stress relaxation performances of steel wire, rod and strand, applicable to fields including road, bridge, construction, quality control department, science research department, iron forging and etc.
    • This product features more steady loads, precise controls, low noise level, and long-term stability. It adopts the leading high-performance AEC-1000 Controller, which is usually equipped on high-end material testing machines. The mechanical components collaborate with the pioneered modular Test Live computer testing software to ensure the stability, precision and reliability of the whole system.
    • This product complies with the standards and requirements of GB/T 10120-1996, ASTM E328-2008.

    Technical Specifications:



    Load measurement range


    Load measurement accuracy


    Load resolution

    ±1/500000 of Max capacity, no stepping, no change in full scale

    Load transducer creep


    Temperature effect on load transducer sensitivity


    Deformation measurement range

    0~10 mm

    Deformation measurement accuracy


    Grip displacement measurement accuracy


    Grip speed adjustment range


    Grip speed accuracy


    Loading speed adjustment Range


    Loading speed controlling accuracy


    Temperature measurement resolution

    0.1 ℃

    Temperature measurement accuracy


    Valid tensile travel

    100 mm

    Test space

    Max distance between left/right grip: 2450 mm

    Specimen dimensions

    Diameter for steel strand: 12.7 mm, 15.4 mm, length ≥ 3.2 m

    Diameter for PC steel rod: φ4mm~φ16mm, length ≥ 3.2 m

    Frame dimensions


    Power supply



    Approx. 2400 kg

    • Algorithm to predict specimen’s stress relaxation performance after 1000 hours (or any specified value in hours), with the option of single or double logarithm. Capable of predicting with standard specimen data or real-time collected data (Suggested). Integrated with an extensive specimen library to improve the precision and reliability of testing results.
    • Splitting the sampling stage into four sub-stages and applies different sampling cycles in consideration of the logarithm characteristic of time, improving the reliability of data greatly.
    • Support for 100-hour tests. Test time can be assigned at will. E.g. 24-hour test.
    • Automatically retrieves test data and inspects the stress relaxation performance of the specimen. (e.g. stress relaxation rate, relaxed stress, relaxation rate, etc.)
    • Closed loop control of channels such as load, displacement, deformation, etc. Smooth switching in between.
    • As many as 20 layers of sensor linear compensation, elevates the precision of the instruments to the next level.
    • Comparing a framed structure with a column-based structure, the framed structure has better stiffness that is over 2.5 times greater than the column-based structure.
    • Closed test space design reduces the temperature shift resulted from the air flow at the air-conditioner vent, improves the temperature uniformity and stability in the test space.
    • Pre-installed with reaction frame, provides more convenience for the load transducer to calibrate.
    • Real-time drawing of curves of remaining load with time, or temperature with time.
    • Integrated with high performance load transducers and AC excitation solutions, eliminating the impact of shift of the measurement system on the accuracy of data.
    • The measurement and control system is capable of backing up the transducer’s calibration data, improving the system’s maintenance reliability.
    • Dynamic display of load, displacement, deformation and real-time testing curve on the screen.
    • Support saving, instant retrieving and inspection of testing results.
    • Capable of re-analyzing test data and curves, and partial zooming of testing curves at will.
    • Open testing report, support custom testing template, automatic generation of testing report, which can be printed, previewed or saved as files.
    • Support Excel report templates and customized editing of test reports.
    • Integrated with travel limit protection and full scale overload protection.
    • Features a large test space that satisfies both GB requirements (longer than 60 times the specimen’s diameter), as well as American and European requirements (not less than 2.4 meters).
    →ISO 15630-3 Steel for the reinforcement and prestressing of concrete-Test methods--Part 3:Prestressing steel
    →ISO6934-3 Steel for prestressing of concrete-Part3:Quenched and tempered wire
    →ISO 6934-4 Steel for prestressing of concrete-Part4:strand
    →ISO 14655 Epoxy-coated strand for the prestressing of concrete
    →EN 10391 Metallic materials-Tensile stress relaxation-Part1:Test procedure
    →ASTM E328-2013 Standard Test Methods for Stress Relaxation Tests for Materials and Structures
    →ASTM A416/A416M-2012a Standard Specification for Steel Strand, Uncoated Seven-Wire for Prestressed Concrete
    →ASTM E328-2008
    →ASTM A882/A882M-2004 Standard Specification for Filled Epoxy-Coated Seven-Wire Prestressing Steel Strand
    →BS 5896-2012 High tensile steel wire and strand for the prestressing of concrete
    →JIS G3536 Steel wires and strands for prestressed concrete
    →JIS G3137 Small diameter steel bars for prestressed concrete
    →JIS Z2276-2012 Method of tensile stress relaxation test for metallic materials
    →AS NZS 4672.2 Steel prestressing materials-Testing requirements

    1000kN Stress Relaxation Testing Machine (1000 Hours)

    →≥1000h 1000 hours Metallic materials Tensile stress Relaxation Test
    →≥1000h 1000 hours Steel strand Relaxation Test
    →≥1000h 1000 hours Steel wires and bars Relaxation Test
    →1000kN Computer Control Steel strand Stress Relaxation Testing Machine(CE CUL/CSA)
    →1000kN Computer Control Steel Bars Stress Relaxation Testing Machine(CE CUL/CSA)

    300SR/500SR/600SR/1000SR Steel wires and bars High temperature Stress Relaxation Testing Machine(CE CUL/CSA)

    300kN/500kN/600kN/1000kN Steel strand Stress Corrosion Relaxation Testing Machine(CE CUL/CSA

    300kN/500kN/600kN/1000kN Steel wires and bars Stress Corrosion Relaxation Testing Machine(CE CUL/CSA)

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