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One Body Cast Steel Structure Heavy Duty Bend Test Machine


The One Body Cast Steel Structure Heavy Duty Bend Test Machine can run the bending test for metal and nonmetal.

Max vertical force 2000
Maximum horizontal force 1000
Accuracy Class 1
Frame structure One-body cast steel
Force resolution 1/500000
accuracy in synchronism <2%
Displacement resolution 0.01mm
Displacement accuracy ±1% of reading
Force loading speed 200N/s~20KN/s
Support roller/mandrel (mm) Φ80×210/Φ5-Φ160
Maximum specimen thickness(mm) 40
Vertical compression speed


Horizontal compression speed


Maximum piston travel(mm) 350
Maximum span (mm) 360
Dimension (mm)

(Length x width x height)

Weight(kg) 4200
Power requirements 12kW(380V)+2kW(220V)

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One upper-positioned cylinder applies the force to bend specimen to preset angle, then two opposite horizontal-placed cylinders bend the specimen to required angle. It can satisfy precise 180 degree bending test with high efficiency and easy-to-operate.

One-body cast steel structure with high stiffness

3-cylinder design to perform any angle bending test

Compact structure with ergonomic design

Displacement is measured by photoelectric encoder with high accuracy and stability

Self-calibration: force and displacement can be calibrated automatically according to test standards

Silent HPU features environmental-friendly and humanized design. Unique pressure differential follow-up system allows low energy consumption and low heat generation

High speed DSP control electronics provides high integrity, strong control and data processing ability, and high reliability

Closed loop control and measurement of stress, strain and displacement. Control loops can switch automatically and smoothly. Control algorithm adopts advanced neural element self-adapting PID.

New developed controller provides 1/500000 resolution with non-step in full range.

Built-in overload protection both in hardware and software

GB/T 14452-93, GB/T 232-1999, ISO 7438, ISO 5173, GOST 6996, ASTM A370.

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