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1.Application metallurgical polishing machine:
The grinder polisher is of single plate.
It is suitable for pre grinding, grinding and polishing metallographic specimens.
Since the machine is speed-adjusted by microprocessor, it can run at a revolution of 50 to 600 rpm,
which favors the machine with wide applications.
The machine is equipped with cooling system that can cool down the specimen during pre grinding so
as to prevent overheating and damage the metallographic structure.
Featuring easy operation and reliable performance, it is an indispensable device for the factories,
research institutions and college labs to prepare metallographic specimen.

2.Main Specifications:

Model MP-160E metallurgical polishing machine
Grinding/Polishing Disc Diameter Φ200mm or Φ250mm (Customers can choose one of them)
Rotate Speed
50-600r/min (stepless speed change)
And 150r/min, 300r/min (two-step constant speed)
Power Supply Single-phase, AC220V, 50Hz
Input Power 250W
Dimension 740*400*310mm
Weight 30.00 KG

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