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Application And Features :sample preparation grinding machine
MP-2B Grinding and Polishing Machine suitable for metallographic specimen pre-grinding, grinding and polishing operation, is the necessary equipment to make metallographic specimen.

Its equipped with cooling device, used to cooling the sample when grinding, to prevent the sample overheating and destroy metallographic organization.The left disc used for grinding and the right disc used for polishing, so 2 people can operate at the same time.

Its easy to operation, safe and reliable, is the ideal sample preparation equipment for factories,  research institutes and universities  laboratory.

Technical parameters :

Model MP-2B sample preparation grinding machine
Grinding disc diameter 203mm
Polishing disc diameter 203mm
Grinding speed 50-1000rpm
Polishing speed 50-1000rpm
Motor driver 550W,220V, 50Hz
Machine size (L*W*H) 690×715×310mm
Net weight 45kg

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