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APPLICATION  of automatic grinding and polishing machine
The grinding-polishing machine is a double-speed double-drive desktop, applicable to rough grinding, accurate grinding and polishing of metallographic sample. The machine has two-step constant speed of 150rpm and 300rpm, thus widening its application. The machine is an indispensable equipment in making the metallographic sample. The machine has a cooling device to cool the sample during grinding and polishing, thus preventing the damage of the metallographic structure caused by overheat of the sample. The machine, easy to use, safe and reliable, is an ideal sample preparation equipment for the labs of plants, research institutes and universities and colleges.

1. Working Voltage: 380V 50HZ
2. Diameter of Grinding-Polishing Disc: Φ203mm (custom-made Φ250mm)
3. Speed: 150rpm and 300rpm (two-step constant speed)
4. Diameter of Abrasive Paper: Φ200mm (custom-made Φ250mm)
5. Motor: Yc712, 120W/250W
6. Dimensions: 700mm×600mm×270mm
7. Weight: 50kg

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