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Details  sample preparation machine:
This model is the economical & practical instrument designed for metallographic specimen preparing.
It can meet the demands of specimen preparing from customers very well.
This model is designed and manufactured as per international advanced specimen preparing technology.
Equipped with beautiful appearance machine shell and full stainless steel parts which never rust.
Double working discs. There are two-level constant speeds for working disc. The working disc can be
changed and replaced swiftly.
There are two optional types for MP 260: 200mm or 250mm working disc.

Technical specifications
Diameter of working disc: 200mm / 250mm
Rotating speed of working disc: 300 / 600rpm (two-level constant speed,
or customized 150 / 300 rpm is optional)
Power supply: three phases, 380V, 50Hz
Dimensions: 70 x 60 x 28 cm
Net weight: 40 Kg

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